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Our Story

We understand from experience that NDN Changemakers struggle to engage NDN Ways into our work because we live in a detached world that dismisses our NDN Ways as primitive + petty.

We are for NDN Changemakers working in a world that doesn’t understand being NDN...

We provide NDN savvy solutions for your work’s first world problems, so you can keep being NDN.


WALKS IN THE DAWN Neshnab Strategy Consultants

Our Approach

Native American Tribal Nations + Tribal Organizations are re-legitimizing NDN authority by re-establishing the dignity + compassion of NDN ways into our Tribal Communities.

Our collective authority helps Tribal Communities redefine our relationship with the world... 

And being guided by our Ancestors' Prophecies, we do this by redefining our sacred relationship collectively within.

By upholding the social roles and responsibilities inherent in our NDN societies, Tribes + Tribal Organizations are transforming Tribal Communities through empowering and tangible action...


So that NDNs can keep being NDN, while we fulfil our Ancestor’s Prophecies.

Our Heart

Our mission is to encourage the ability of everyone to LOVE.

We envision a world that is led to succes by the dignity + compassion of NDN WAYS.

We will do this by providing NDN SAVVY SOLUTIONS to fix first world problems.

We Do It With:






of Heart

We are youthful, optimistic, + determined.

We go about our way witty, + with abundant confidence.

We have the audacity to create new tradition, because we know that doing so is traditional.

We are the Ancestors of tomorrow.

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